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Express Delivery Service

How To Get Express Delivery Service

Should you need to expedite the processing of your appointment, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Complete the application with accuracy. Incomplete answers on the application can result in unnecessary delays in the processing of your appointment. If you are unable to print the application from our website, please telephone our office and request that we fax or mail to you the application and bond forms.
  2. Upon completion of all required forms and payment, please expedite their delivery to us by using a courier such as Federal Express, UPS, DHL or the USPS, which offers next day service. Also, please provide your account number, or credit card number so that we can mail the completed package to you by the same carrier. NOTE: If you would prefer, please add $22.00 to your package cost and we will send your completed package for overnight delivery.
  3. Good communication with our office staff regarding your deadline is important so that we can monitor the progress of your appointment. For this reason, we suggest that you include a note with your forms indicating the deadline date (use this note for other requested information above). You should contact our office directly to be assured that your package was received in its entirety, with all the required information to complete your notary appointment.

Our goal is to expedite the processing of your notary appointment to meet your deadline. Please telephone our office for an exact appraisal of the timeline for your particular situation. Please note that notary applicants who have had a felony, disciplinary action by a regulatory agency or license revocation are not candidates for this expedited service.