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Amended Commission Request

The Amended Commission Request Form should be executed within 60 days of your change of name. Once you have completed and signed this form, please mail it to our office with your current commission certificate and payment of $40.00. If you are unable to locate your current commission certificate, a signed letter from you stating that it is lost will suffice.

You will receive a new notary certificate and stamp in approximately two to three weeks from our receipt of your forms and payment. You may continue to perform your duties as a notary in your former name until receipt of the amended commission and stamp from our office.

Click here to view and print the Amended Commission Request Form.

(You must have Adobe Acrobat Viewer on your computer to view these forms. If you do not have this program, click here to download it for free.)

If you are unable to print these forms for any reason, please telephone our office at (800) 432-4254 so we can either mail or fax them promptly to you. Should you have any questions regarding your name change, please give our office a call.